Josh Busnelli

i'm josh, i'm a freelance LAMP stack developer specializing in wordpress applications.

i work with start-ups and small businesses to develop responsive web applications. i'm usually pretty booked up, but always excited to start new projects and would love to hear about yours. shoot me an email and i'll get right back to you.


  • 15" macbook pro retina
  • 27" dell 4k display
  • 23" viewsonic 1080p display
  • ipad 2
  • iphone 6s plus
  • ipod touch


  • vagrant
  • varying vagrant vagrants
  • wordpress
  • roots / sage
  • npm
  • bower
  • gulp
  • bootstrap
  • sass
  • creative cloud w/ typekit
  • sublime text 3

start ups i work with:

smart care - smart care is revolutionizing child care center technology in a big way. smart care took me on as a part-time developer to build and manage their site, email campaigns, seo and analytics.
house seats - house seats, based in las vegas, offers a subscription ticket service to lots of great shows in las vegas, reno, san fran, arizona and austin texas. the house seats team took me on to fix their user experience (ux), maintain their site and produce campaigns for their services. additionally, they hired me to build out their sister company site, house seats presents, which their own show production company.

projects: (not all designs left up to me)

smart care | house seats | house seats presents | creative nation | acm staining | dw kitchen + market | go fish costa rica | jason klaiber | jet of texas | music hall at fair park | walker digital table systems | souther nevada dental society | the cowen group | bar pods | turbo tap usa | epicurean travel | rate my annuity | dirty blonde cocktails | smarty reset | sun commercial real estate

a bit more about me:

born in san diego, transplanted to wisconsin where i graduated high school. my father has always been a self-employed tech nerd, so i had a nice start with his pouring of knowledge over me. i ran the high school website for 3 years then upon graduating i headed to tempe arizona and obtained my bachelor of science in web development. from there i headed back to wisconsin and found my first entry-level position as a front-end developer working closely with a cold fusion back-end developer. after 3 years i landed a job as a junior front-end developer in new berlin wisconsin working for the worlds largest costume retailer, - and after just 3 years working with them i was laid off. determined to remain free, i set out and started looking for small businesses with web dev needs. after building a few projects i was discovered by a start-up in las vegas and realized the potential i may have relocating, so i packed up and moved to las vegas. nearly 4 years later i remain in las vegas working with start-ups and small businesses. all of my clients new and old are strictly by word of mouth. thanks for reading. contact me if you'd like to work with me.